3D Text


I want to show the 3d text in my game,but

I couldn’t find the package com.jmex in jmonkey 3.

Where can i get it? or is they any alternative way to have the 3d text on screen.

Thanks in advance

There is no built in 3D text in jme3.

An alternative is to create a 3D text with a modeling tool and then import it in JME via ogre exporter


Don’t we have any other programmatic way (without using modeling tool)?


If such a library exist somewhere you could port it to jME3.

akgdeen said:

Don't we have any other programmatic way (without using modeling tool)?


Not built in.

Though if there was something in JME2 it shouldn't be too hard to port it to JME3

That’s not 3D text. That’s 2D text with 3D positioning, I guess. Which you could already do without all of that other stuff.

What exactly is the effect you are trying to acheive?

3D text is where the text actually has a 3D shape instead of just being a 2D image on a quad.

There is no way to work around the lack of 3D text with 2D text. It won’t have sides or shapes or depth, etc…

To me it looks like you are just trying to position the 2D text in 3D space which is easy. You add it to your 3D scene and BAM it moves like 3D object. It’s just a 2D quad in 3D space but it shrinks when it gets farther way, gets bigger when it gets closer, rotates when you move to the side of it, etc…

As long as the BitmapText is not in the GuiBucket it will render just like any other quad in your scene.

Couldn’t you essentially modify the Shape3D code that @tralala is working on to achieve this?


When he adds extrusion. Actually, I think it’s potentially even easier in this case since as I recall Java2D can turn text into shapes… and then you’d only need to extrude it. It’s easier than trying to guess at the edges from a bitmap image.

Is it possible to use this in jme?

Its under MIT license, so as long as you port it to jME3, you can use it.