3DS, ASE, OBJ, MD2, MD3 loaders galor


i noticed the frustration you are going through with all of those loaders. So i did a little search. And my efforts were awarded with this:


i dont know if you have seen it before or not, i just thought it might give you some heads up so to speak.

on page 5, they have Quake III BSP loadings and model animations.

Hope that helps

It’s the next one after the milkshape loader is complete. Which I hope will be within the week.

Thanks, I do know about that page, and have actually used it quite a lot. Thats where the original MD3 loader originated. :slight_smile:

My problems lie not so much in the basic animation but loading models generically and setting them up how I want them set up. For instance, breaking up models based on joints into seperate TriMeshes. BUT I think I am on the right track. We shall see.

awsome, according to the results from that page, your loaders should be quite cool to say the least.