3DS export has different looks in JME


The results of my exported object in JME are currently not like the way in 3D studio max.

Here i have the 2 examples:

I read that light is depended on the amount of poly’s, Does the light create these looks ?

Are there restrictions in 3d studio max when creating materials ?

Or is there something wrong with the textures(256x256 24bit TGA format) ?

Is there anybody who can shine some light on this subject for me ?

Thank you

To me it looks like your light angle is such that all the lighting is on the top and left side?  Maybe just playing with your light position/direction.

seems to be the white texture.

It was tiled at the object. and it was not pure white, so the lines gave the crappy effect.

This isn't a problem with 3ds nor jme.

Your texture can be any size (I've used 14 to 30 meg textures at 1400px x 1200px before)

It is, as has been said, the lighting.  Rotate your model a little and it will look better.

if you want, send me the model and the texture and I'll see what I can do with it.

Thank you for that offer. that is very kind.

Due to the posts i did find the solution for my object and implemented it.

My worries are no more :slight_smile: