.3ds File Conversion


I'm trying to put a model car in my game, but the .3ds model doesn't render properly:

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

It looks more like its the object convertion thats getting messed up rather than the rendering. 

Some parts of the model definately aren't appearing at the correct vertical alignment. It might be all all axis' that are affected, but its hard to tell from your image - but can quite clearly see that the front skirt is definately being drawn higher up than the rest of the model.

This could be an issue with the export from (im guessing 3ds max?) and I have had trouble in the past with Max's export to 3ds where it was losing smoothing groups and creating holes in the mesh.

If you can post the model, I can take a look for you (might take a few days to get round to it tho - have a bit of a backlog at the moment)

Actually I got this model from turbosquid.com for free and they have good stuff…

How do I post it it's too big to attach :?

Here's where I got it: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3dsmax-car/303940

Thanks again for help!

Try loading this model inside Blender3D, then exporting it to either obj, ogre3d mesh or jme-xml. The 3DS importer in jME isn't that good from my experience.

Well I tried other models and they all work…

So I guess I can use those or convert them to .obj.

Thanks for your help!

i work mainly with 3ds…

can you pm me the model and i'll see what i can do…

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