3ds loader


I have recently started looking at the JMonkey engine. I was quite impressed with its features and ease of use.

I first stareted with a 3ds loader and tried to load "iron.3ds" using Jme library.

But to my disappointment the model didnt load properly at all.

I mean it loaded and got rendered but it didnt match what we see in the 3ds max software.

Similarly I also tried several other 3ds models. Some of them worked but many failed.

I finally decided to see the code and found that it is not a complete 3ds loader at all.

Many of the important chunks are missing.

In fact I have myself a very matured 3ds loader which can handle almost any 3ds model perfectly.

May be I am wrong as I am new to this community.

Please advise.

No you're probably not wrong, I've had issues with the model loaders in the past (though now I have issues I created, since I use a custom loader for a format not supported by jme heh). If you have a more mature 3ds loader, you should consider improving the jme 3ds loader and contribute!

One of the problems that I found with loading 3ds files, is unless you use absolute locations in your 3ds file, you have to put your textures that you mapped into the actual loader's package during conversion.  After conversion, then it will look for the texture in the same folder as the jme file.  If you use absolute locations, the JME file will look in the directory that you gave the absolute path to in the 3ds.

You also have to use "reset xform" for anything that you export from 3ds.  This gets rid of most of the distortion problems that occur when you scale objects in 3d Studio.

Maybe setting up the correct paths in the ResourceLocator can help with texture loading