3DS Max - Free commercial use exporter?

I’m at wits end. I’m not a programmer, I just know how to mesh and texture. I’m trying to get a model that is textured and animated into SDK. The only exporter to OgreXML that I can find is through OgreMax, which I am not interested in paying $250 just to export a file.

So I tried installing Blender. I exported an FBX file from Max into Blender in hopes of exporting THAT as an XML. However, now I am reading that I have to download a script for Python, install that, and run it through Python?

Max > Blender > Python > JMonkey? I know I’m mistaken here because that’s ridiculous.

I have no bones to bring in. It’s entirely environmental and possibly a particle system. I need to somehow get at least the meshes and textures into JMonkey.

Is there an explanation without treating me like I’m knowledgeable in scripts? I appreciate the help.

Max blender jme works mostly as well, thanks to kaehltras

So far, I have not been able to go Max > Blender > JME. I can easily get an FBX file into Blender from Max, but from there it doesn’t seem to work. There doesn’t seem to be a plugin that allows me to just select XML when I export from Blender.

Try collada/dae works fine mostly, just make sure the file path in the dae are relative. else blender will abort with an erro in the console.

jme can import blend files

RightClick on *.blend file → Convert To j3o.
This way will be ok.