3DS Max to Ogre plugin

What plugins do people use to export from 3DS Max to Ogre while working with JME?

I used one and every time I load the model up into JME i get an error…complains that it’s the wrong format version.

Any one know of a good plugin that works and can export everything from geometry to skeletal animation?
I currently use 3DS 2015.

Hm i use to dae
then in blender import dae, then export blend file and use that in jme and save as j3o.

kinda not a good pipeline but works mostly.

Hmm…but that’s from Blender…
I need to go from 3DS Max->Ogre->j3o

Does dae support skeletal animation from 3DS Max? I don’t care what I use as intermediary…as long as everything comes over.

Hm kinda not really good its a big hassel to get it to work (at least for me) :confused:


ogremax works well for us, after a good conf.

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