3ds max u/v tiling problem?

Think I might have found a problem with the 3ds loader. If I have a texture and set the u/v tiling to the same value (e.g. 5 and 5) the texture shows up correctly in JME. However, if the values are not the same (e.g. 10 and 1), the loader seems to have a problem and the texture becomes all stretched, as if the u/v values had both become 0.

Try exporting to COLLADA and see if that problem persists…

Well another problem I guess. Exported as Collada file and tried to load into system. Everything seems to load in fine (see all the nodes being attached) but nothing shows up on screen.

I think I'm doing it correctly. Using ColladaImporter.getModel() and attaching to the rootNode.

At least with the 3ds file it showed up (however messed up the texture was).

Try ModelLoader to pull it in and see if you see anything there…

Where's the ModelLoader? Can't seem to find it in the source.


I must be doing something wrong with the collada exporter. All I ever see is blackness no matter what I try.

Bah, just saw the version error thing in the debug. Got the right version.

It loads the model. However, I don’t see it doing any tiling at all. It’s always seems to be 1:1.