3ds Model "exploded"

Greetings all,

I have tried some searches but I have not seen the problem addressed.

I am importing a model in the .3ds format. To start with im just trying the static version and not the one with attached animations.

The static one imports using the loadModel and the loadmy3dsmodel methods both posted in these forums and on the wiki tutorials. Both end up with the same result which is an exploded view where the 18 mesh objects that form my model are scattered across the viewport.

Reset XForm in 3ds max is not having an affect on the import.

Has anyone encountered this? (The wheelchair post seemed to be similiar) And furthermore, has anyone solved this?

Further info that I can tell you. Is the model will load fine back into 3ds max. Or If I load it into milkshape it also loads fine. If I load it into milkshape and save it as ms3d then it imports fine to jme. 

So I was going to use ms3d (although this does not solve the problem) but the animation tools in milkshape are so much more cumbersome…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Well, I have recently revisited this problem. A little discourage no one immediately saw what was wrong with my wordy (perhaps cumbersome) explanation.

I fooled around with the resizing in 3ds max and a new problem arose. I have taken a screenie this time to show. Now it looks like the model has imploded:

At the same time I have been reviewing the .3ds file format specification and the nifty code that Jack Lindamood wrote. ( I really like the processChildChunk “loop” that is created by the abstract method inside the chunk calls… ) But I havent run across anything wrong yet, and I traced it to TriMeshObject which I believe is the last stop?

Well, any help would be appreciated as always. Thanks.

Bah, wouldn’t you know it. :0)

I went back after the resize and did another reset X form off of the exported .3ds file.

Some combination of funny-business lead to the model finally importing fine. So the whole thing was on my end blush. Thanks for the views anyhow. :0)