3DS model loading issue

Hi guys,

I am trying to load a model from 3ds max 9 into JME via the 3DS importer. It seems to import fine, but the model shows up stretched. I don't know if i am importing it wrong or if i am not exporting it correctly from max 9. This is my first time using the JME so any assistance would be greatly apreacheated.

Try executing the main method of ModelLoader in jmex and try loading your model with that and see if it appears correctly there.

I did try using the model loader to load the 3DS file. It was still the same. Although it looked fine when i exported it as a OBJ file. Is there another way to export the model from 3DS max with animations for importing into JME?

Have you tried exporting to .3DS?

Yes, that was the model that was stretched. The OBJ file was fine. I do like the .3DS file format better. So i was hoping to use that.

I found some other info on model loading. So i am going to try using collada. I might have better luck.

There is a nice little plugin for 3DS to export to Collada from Feeling Software.

I did find the plugin. I think i must be doing something wrong in my model. When i import the model, it says there are ~3000 triangles. Although i cannot see any of them. Do you know what features i am allowed to use with the Bi-ped skeleton and the skin modifier?

All i am trying to do. Is i have a simple model that has a bi-ped attached to it. A skin modifer has been placed on the mesh. I set up just a basic walk cycle. the model also has only one texture with only the defuse color set.