3DS Model Loading Pains

that model is using  internal max material settings and even if the .3ds format supports opacity maps I doubt that jme supports it, you are going the have to uv map the model and create a texture map for it the net part will have to be alpha mapped…

also that model 3000+ polys did you optimaize before exporting I didn't look at the .3ds file. also you might consider building those goals by code with cylinders or boxes and a manipulated cloth patch

Yeah, I guess that's what I'm going to have to do, that model just looks so much better than what I can do with simple spatials in jME. :o

Thanks anyway.


you can just delete/separate the net mesh export the frame and rap the cloth around that use the net as a reference for shaping the cloth nodes my point a moving net will add  visually toyour game

okay…I'll try that, I just haven't done cloth before. :o  We'll see how it works out. :wink: