3DS model with 2 Textures help

Hey all,

So this may be simple but I just cant figure it out.  I was handed three purchased model packs (plants, and 2 trees), all the models have 2 textures. One which contains the leaves (etc) and one which is pure white in 'leaf' areas (image is labeled alpha), both are completely black where the transparent areas are.  Both of these images are jpegs, I tried this http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=5579.0, however it didn't help at all. 

I have already tried a transparent png, looks nice until geometry is over the top of each other then there are hidden areas that should be visible (so it doesn't work with the complex trees).

As always, any help or hints are greatly appreciated.

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should have just struggled for a minute longer.

Found a solution?

Post it to help somebody eventually with the same problem :wink:

Actually, the solution I used was just to use a transparent PNG with renanse's advice from the mentioned post.  I figured any one should be able to figure that out with the breadcrumbs already provided.

I would like to figure out how to combine the alpha and color image though (instead of having to edit and make them 24bit pngs), I am sure it has to to with the texture combine modes but I am at a loss as to what combine modes to use.  If anyone has good a link to a texturing 'cheat-sheet' I would love to puzzle over that for a while.

Well I got a reply back from the author and he says to just convert to 24bit PNGs, however I have noticed a very significant drop in performance on some machines (from 150 to 20 fps)!

My question is this, would it be better (performance wise) to use the 2 textures and have the OpenGL engine use a subtract combine; or use a 24bit png?