3dsmax <> jME2 workflows

Hya people,

i'm getting more and more into jme2 and I'm finding it really nice!

But i got a few "basic" question that you perhaps can answer for me.

There are a couple of things i wish to do with jME:

  • Camera animation
  • setting up easy work flow with 3dsmax/jme

    easy work flow 3dsmax

    okey, I have people that are making all the nice 3D stuff and well I kinda want it into jme2 without much work (i'm lazy yes).

    I looked at the obj exporter in 3dsmax2009 and that works well, all textures are exported.

    But what if I for example want a plane to be have a nice water effect (as seen in the examples). is there a way to automize this? (i'm guessing code:loop true materials, check material, if water then replace with "water shader")?? or is there an other work flow?

    how does it goes with cameras, lights, splines, particles ? are they exported?

    camera animation.

    What i do in 3dsmax is create a spline and attach my camera to it using a path constraint.

    is there something already in jme2 that i can use to pickup the camera (and it's position, fov, etc) for 3dsmax and attach it to a spline so i can move the camera???

    ps: why are there not so much tutorial in the jme2 section… ? :slight_smile:

    Many thanks in advance!