3dsmax rig/amimation info into jMonkey?

I was able to put a few of my 3dsmax models into jmonkey but the rig data carried over in none of them. Is there a way to do this with 3dsmax?

I want animations, bone data, etc. I will learn blender if I absolutely have to but I love 3dsmax so much more. D: It’s so much easier to model in that environment.

Read the wiki. Export to the Ogre XML format then import with jMP. Judging by your earlier posts it appears you’ve been trying to use the .obj format, which doesn’t support animations nor bone data, it’s plain geometry.

Does anyone know how I can save my animations in 3dsmax for JMonkey to pick up?

?? Erlend just gave the answer… Use ogremax to export to OgreXML

Ok I’m reading the JMonkey tutorial on animation. IN order to animate, the animations need names. O_o

All I did in 3dsmax was create an animation using autokey and bones. How do I save this animation and associate it with my model? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m telling you, jME3 prefers the Ogre XML format for animated models. So what you need to do is use the free version of the OgreMax exporter to export your 3ds Max file to the ogre format, then load that into jME.

Are you mainly a modeler? Maybe you should try team up with a programmer :wink:

LOL…what I’m saying is that I don’t know how to NAME AND SAVE my animation in 3dsmax.

Well the answer just came a bit late and its probably not a good idea to lol at people that try to help when you cant rtfm yourself…

ugh…tried texturing my models but the textures don’t show up in jmonkey. It’s some crap exporting bug from 3dsmax.

I’m just going to learn blender. I’ve checked out several game engines like this and all have great support for blender while all have problematic/no support for 3dsmax. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well.

Have you tried the OgreXML Exporter for 3ds? In blender even with an animation, you still have to select :

Animation Settings of “your mesh” and set a name for the animation as well as the time line key frames for each. It isn’t done automatically afaik. And click Add for more animations you would like to have according to the key frames made for the object.