4089 KickStarter! Futuristic stealth/action RPG with jME3's Rift library

Hey fellow monkeys,

Sneak & battle your way through a procedurally generated mothership in 4089: a stealth action RPG! This game supports user generated content (with a built-in editor) & the Oculus Rift.

BundleStars is also hosting an exclusive giveaway for instant access to the pre-alpha this weekend: this is something you may want to get in on!

http://www.bundlestars.com/#giveaway (scroll to the bottom)

This game will tie the stories together from my previous games, 3079 & 3089. I hope you decide to check it out!


  • Phr00t

Looks fantastic! Easily the most successful series with the jMonkey engine.

Best of luck!

Edit: It’s come a long way since I tested it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

@rickard said: Best of luck!

Edit: It’s come a long way since I tested it :slight_smile:

… and now I can finally test it with my DK2 :smiley: I still have some rotation problems, but it isn’t due to the jME3 Rift library… still working on it…

I don’t have much to spend, but I backed your project. Good luck!

backed - can’t wait to get my hands on it :slight_smile:

Demo’s great,but you should make a multiplayer mode.Playing it alone may get boring :wink:

Yess, i would defiantly like it much better if it had multiplier support. :smiley: but I will back when i get payed next week