7DFPS: Ponyville Arena

You guys might have heard about the 7DFPS challenge thingy that was going on last week - if not so, it was about making a first person shooter in a single week. Or just go check out the website explaining that in more detail: http://7dfps.org/

So anyway, I went ahead and participated to gather some experience in making a FPS and to test my engine built on top of jME 3.

I’m kinda happy how it turned out, having never actually written a game on jMonkey and never written a FPS from scratch before. :slight_smile:

Thought I’d just share the game with ya’ll - might be fun for a couple minutes. Have a download link: http://hazewood.de/files/ponyville_arena.zip (should work on anything jMonkey runs on, except Android)

If you want to read up on the development process or have some videos, check out the 7DFPS page and scroll down a bit: 7DFPS

The game is about ponies fighting it out in a remade (demake would fit a little better actually) Quake 3 Arena map using apples, exploding chocolate milk and huge cannons. Depending on your character choice you can either protect yourself with a magic shield, have increased health or fly around (flying is the only way to stay alive for more than ten seconds).

Looks somewhat like that: http://i.imgur.com/plgxw.jpg (it’s hard getting proper screenshots since you’re dieing all the time…)

Not pretty but that’s programmer art. :stuck_out_tongue: (except the ponies, but I didn’t make them anyway)

You can open a debugging console by pressing shift escape at any time (pressing again will close it). Doing so on the main menu will effectively remove it, forcing you to restart the whole thing.

set/get can be used to well, set or get the value of a config variable, just use tab to autocomplete (or just click the settings button on the main menu to edit the config file, more convenient way to change options).

Changing certain options to invalid values will very likely crash the engine as well, there is barely any error checking.

Using any other console commands will definitely crash/freeze/break it as well. :slight_smile:

Well, tons of ranting about nothing - I hope someone might have a bit of fun playing this. I’m not really interested in continuing the game, just taking parts of it and merging them into my real (unannounced) game right now.

I can’t release the source code right now as the engine will not be made open source any time soon and the game is still pretty tightly integrated with (as in we don’t have a public API yet).

Hooooweeeeever, if anybody here wants some snippets to get an idea how I did certain things please do drop me a note and I’ll gladly post some code for you.

This goes for newcomers especially (I had a hard time getting set up myself and there is not that much sample code for an actual shooter around) - so if you need a few hints on getting started let me know.


Looks nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: