A 2D game into jme

Hello people, i need some info about the posibility of inserting a 2d game into JME. We have to use jmonkeyengine in a 3d game, but in some places if you touch for example a box, must appear a little 2d game. i dont know what library we can use for doing the 2d game, and how to integrate it with jme. I think fenGUI its only for GUI and isnt powerful enough.


jME is just a 3D game engine, not a 2D. You can render things in Ortho mode, but that's as close as you'll get…

Yes, you can make very good 2d games in jME. Also, FengGUI is fast enough… But you can just use orthgraphic quads with textures to create a 2d game. Collision detection would be a little hard (I have made my own 2d collision detection before), but it should be possible.

Why not just re-orient the camera to be directly overhead whatever character you're playing as? It would more or less achieve a "2d" look, while still being a 3d game.

thanks for the replies, we are going to investigate a little more about the posibility of using fenGUI for doing the 2d games. In relation with the re-oriented camera, i think its a valid approach, but you dont have enough power o facilities in relation with a real 2d engine.

By the way, did someone try to make simple games in swing and put them into jme through jmedesktop? i think it could be a different path.