A bit of saturday fun

I liked this demo http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/particle-system-upgrades-physics-particles-wip/ very much so I decided to have some fun myself and the result was kind of cool so I would like to sure it with you guys =)



sure == share… seems like editing of topics is not allowed sigh

So you fixed that red pixely-depth issue then? What was the issue?
It looks great by the way!

@Sploreg, thanks! Yeah I found it… it was some shader code that had been written a bit to clever :-[

wow that’s nice :slight_smile:

I’m picturing a game where you can hook up a Launchpad, or just use your number pad, and hitting the buttons shoots out lights and plays a sound that you can configure. You try and hit people dancing in the room, or just make them dance to the beat, hits are bonus points or something.

That looks great @kwando !

You can edit your topic by adding /edit to the end of the url :wink:

@kwando It’s beautiful! :slight_smile:


Awesome. How many lights are there at once?

Thanks guys!

@ceiphren. The max cap is was set to 500 but I do not think it was that many at the screen at the same time.

Looks really cool :slight_smile:

Let me guess its using the deferred stuff? as I assume the forward renderer would die with this mayn lights already :slight_smile:

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@EmpirePhoenix: thanks! =) yes it uses the deferred stuff, but It would not be impossible to build something similar with forward rendering since the point lights is quite small… but it would be harder to pull off =P