A blender problem.(Node cannot be cast to Geometry)

Why when I export a model from blender to obj file i get this error.Some time ago i there was no such error.When I replace the obj file with some older everything i fine.

Try looking at it with the scene explorer.

It’s probably got a node wrapping one or more geometry objects.

@nlcenslfew: like zarch said, it is because “Node cannot be cast to Geometry”. and to correct zarch look into SceneComposer.

so you have a Node. to get geometry from it you need search Geometry in this Node(or more Nodes) and select it.

there was many topics about it, for example:


there is also a documentation:


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When i try to view it to edit it it dont works.

what exacly “don’t work”?

if you have exception you can see it by clicking on “red circle” in down-right corner of SDK.

When i click view nothing happens.

to see SDK error/exception you need first to click on marked circle(on screenshot), then click on exception name and “Show Details”.


this exception tell you why it can’t open model in SceneComposer.

There is no error.

then, what happens? “exacly”. tell step by step.

So i got an error(Node cannot be cast to Geometry).I told me to see in SceneExplorer.But there is nothing there.So to load the object I need to right-click it and the click view.When I click view nothings change.

to understand problem you need to read this:



Node cannot be cast to Geometry

because you model have Node as root Element.

.I told me to see in SceneExplorer.

you should, to see yourself how look SceneGraph(https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:scenegraph_for_dummies) - link temporary unavaiable ...

But there is nothing there

you are wrong.

So to load the object I need to right-click it and the click view.When I click view nothings change.

i have no "view" option on j3o files(maybe .obj files have named it view - you dont said in what format your model is)... and i do double left-click to open in SceneComposer. don't know what are you doing here.
just open this model like it is done here:

or if you don't want to understand JME basics, just use this code to get Geometry:
[java]spatial.depthFirstTraversal(new SceneGraphVisitorAdapter(){
public void visit(Geometry g){
//do stuff to geometry here
where spatial is your model.

When I click Edit in SceneComposer there is no change in SceneExplorer.

It looks like the problem is not in the kode.Because when i swap the models on the spatial the problem is occurring at the new location.I have reinstall the Blender.But the problem remains

You’ve been told the answer several times. Your model contains a node, with one or more geometries inside it.

You need to query the node and then the children of that node. You can do that graphically by looking in the scene composer or you can do it in code by querying the node’s children.