A break

Hey folks,

I've written a long winded post on my blog, so I'll save you the agony of reading and cut to the chase:  I'll be taking a break from active jME development, only contributing fixes as I run across them in my own work, etc.  I'll still be around though, so don't think you've gotten rid of me or anything.  :)

You guys are an awesome group of people and jME has been one of the best things I've been involved with.

Cheers to you all.

-- Josh "Renanse" Slack

This just makes me depressed.  :frowning:

Thanks Renanse for all the hard work you have done here. People come back from breaks, right? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do as Ardor Labs. I have a great deal of respect for what you have accomplished around here.


Good luck with Ardor Labs, im sure the experience will be invaluable.

Sometimes you need to leave something to be able to come back later and view it from afresh and from a new perspective, maybe whilst writing code on the Ardor project you will see JME from a different view and find ways to improove it.

Do you think that if the forum was reorganised abit it could help in anyway. There have been alot of newcomers recently and it can become very taxing when they ask ten questions a day on "first step" topics.

Perhaps a beginners section in the forum…

Edit I guess what im trying to determine is if there is way in which you would feel more comfortable continuing - eg. less of this and more of this ???

:)  Don't worry, I just need to take my energy and apply it to something else right now.  Not sure if I'll be "back" in the same way, but I'll always be around the community with my two cents.

Thank you for all the amazing work and excellent help. Good luck and enjoy your well deserved break.

You kept saying you needed a vacation, now might be a good time :slight_smile:

I think and fear more or less like hevee does… But I remain optimistic… jME has a great community and this is a great project that certainly does not depend on just 1 man… even if the person is Joshua Slack :slight_smile:

Good luck Josh with these new challenges and thank you for everything…

Hey, sad to read that  :frowning:

… but still good to hear that You'l remain around taking a look …

I wish You all good renanse and thans for what You accomplished here.

(…and i hope the best for jme)

seriously this just makes me sad  :frowning:

gl & hf Josh

Before first hearing about jme on gamedev.net earlier this year, I was about to give up on Java as a 3d gaming platform after my frustrations with Java3D.  But you and jme have made me change my mind and realize that a successful 3d game based on Java is possible.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and you will DEFINITELY be missed as the lead jme developer  :’(   

I concur with Anubis completely, my backstory is the same. jME is the thing that gave me back confidence in serious 3D in Java after Java3d completely bashed it.

Renanse, thank you for your extremely valuable help and enormous contribution.

I also concur with hevee that we should take this matter very seriously.

One of the things that pulled me into jME was the fact that the core developers were on a 1-1 basis in the forum, primarily Renanse showed this in his support to newbies like myself… :slight_smile:

Well, certainly sometimes you have to change the ways! So good luck.

anyway I'm certain it's hard to leave a child which is not fully grown up. I'm glad you still want to give a helping hand for that child of yours. :slight_smile:

Now it's even more accentuated time for jME to show it's community fangs and build itself into something grown up! Come on guys, let's help this ! :smiley:

Take care! It seems I've jumped onto the ship after some great times tho…but I've fallen in love with JME :smiley:

A life without change isn't a life.

After those wise words:

Good luck with everything and thanks for this great piece of open source code.