A bug

method getTriangle in SharedMesh on line 293

    public void getTriangle(int i, Vector3f[] vertices) {

        getTriangle(i, vertices);


should probably do target.getTriangle(i, vertices); or it's just an infinite loop…

and by the way:

comparisons like myfloat==Float.NaN is allways false, should instead be Float.isNan(myfloat)

there are lots of constant conditions, like in many of the equals() methods that starts with

        if (!(o instanceof SomeClass) || o == null) {

            return false;


o == null is redundant

missing "target." is in

Concerning "== NaN": yep that's wrong - have found some of those in JmeBinaryReader - anywhere else?

superfluous == null: nod I've already removed some of those a while ago :), there still are some of them, but it does not really matter. I think it's because jME has evolved for some years now. . .

Thanks for reporting btw!

oh, thank you for fixing it :wink:

gotta make myself worthy enough, so I can fix the things myself instead heh