A city scene for jME

Hello again.

Now that I have spent a bit more time getting more familiar with jMP / jME3, and a new approach to creating content. If there is still a need for a city type scene, I’ll have a bit more time in the beginning of the year to spend on modeling project like this. I would like however, if this is something that could be use-full, some descriptions / reference to get some ideas going from a creative standpoint that can evolve to something worthwhile for such a scene.

  • Joe

What I do to find inspiration…is asking google for some :smiley:

Seriously, google image is incredible, search for “ruined city” and … here are lots of pictures ready to fill your imagination :wink:

Yeah I also do the same :), but it’s nice to have feedback on what other might want as well.

Construction has begun :slight_smile: This time around I’ll also be using terramonkey and the fps style bullet physics :slight_smile: still a long ways to go.