A Closer Look at jMonkeyEngine

Hello All, I run a site called GameFromScratch.com and part of what I do is a “Closer Look at” game engine series. It’s a cross between a review, introduction and getting started tutorial aimed at helping developers quickly decide if a game engine might be a good fit for them.

I just finished publishing a Closer Look at jMonkeyEngine and figured some of you might be interested. Of course, it’s not really aimed at established developers, so you obviously aren’t going to learn much from it. Additionally, there is a [post/conversation] on /r/gamedev. Often these posts lead to further questions about a game engine, something I am often less qualified to answer. Of course, I also may make mistakes, so if you want a forum to correct them, here, the comments on GFS or reddit are all great spots.

Anyways hope you enjoy, and excellent work on a great free engine.



Heres the link to the reddit post

Oops. Thanks.

Thanks for your coverage of jme, I will keep an eye on the reddit post to help if someone asks detailed questions about jme. :smile:

Thanks :wink:

Nice to see some publicity with Jmonkey, especially with all these other commercial game engines going around.

Thanks. It was good.