A couple of questions regarding jME


I just got some random quesitons that i didnt find the tutorials cover:

  1. How can I, when using simplegame, get rid of the camera move abilities?
  2. Why doesnt I have to compile my code?
  3. Strawberry or Vanilla flavour?
  1. Have a look in the SimpleGame-Tutorial. (I know much to read :frowning: ) And start to think…

  2. Well actually you have to convert your update-method to python and your initial scene to lua. But of course you have to build up a crosslink between context-objects. If you acitvate the compile-switch in lua and the corresponding one in python then the whole java-application is compiled automatically

  3. Vanilla
  1. answered above (more or less…). Try using BaseGame instead of SimpleGame…

  2. Java is partially compiled when you run your program. You need to fully compile (into machine language) if you are distributing; however, it is not necessary when just running through Eclipse or a similar program. (I might be a little off technically, but that is the short and simple version. It's 0330… I need sleep  :stuck_out_tongue: )

  3. Strawberry (Is this a relevant question? Am i missing some joke?)