A feature

I would like to ask for a feature,

With right click you run and while the right click is pressed the left click helps you to jump.

So? Just keep a boolean when right mouse is pressed and check that when left is pressed.

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I think he requesting a feature in Mythruna :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, right ^^

Right click is placing a block, why on earth would you want to run with that button :confused:

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cause i like exploring rather then building…and it would be really great if this feature is there.

Say, when you are not pointing to any location…hmm…this can get a little messy… :-s

Well, I do vote for an auto-run feature, say pressing q or so to keep moving forward, great for long distances. You may consider that instead perhaps. Not pointing to any location is indeed really messy as there is little chance you aren’t looking at anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to make middle mouse button dual act as a move… so press and roll forward to move forward, etc… for a one-handed person who plays. The issue is that this person has a fancy Mac mouse with no buttons… it just senses his fingers or something. So I’m not sure a press and roll and a roll is any different on that mouse.

But in Mythruna, right click will never by walk… left and right already have too many uses in the game. They will always be related to interacting with the world or your tools.

Someday, when the keys can be remapped, maybe there will be the possibility to map extra mouse buttons (if you have them and jme detects them) to movement.

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