A fellow monkey has account problems

Hey jME team,
a fellow monkey recently joined the jme irc channel and tried to contact someone of you. He has problems logging into his account ‘Savant’. It says invalid password but even after resetting he still can’t log in.

He already tried to contact you via email some time ago and forum ofcourse doesnt work. Maybe you can contact him via the account mail (slysavant@gmail.com) or in the #jmonkeyengine channel and help him out.

Thank you.
Greetz X-Ray-Jin (p.p. Savant)

I am the culprit of this particular problem, as it turns out! I just tried to sign in with Google Plus and it worked automatically, but it wouldn’t let me sign in with my user name and password. Utterly bizarre!

Obviously not a big problem, but I do think that there’s an issue with the account. If any orangutangs can look at it when the opportunity presents, I’d be appreciative. Thanks’

Also, hello! I’ve been trying to get on here for months now!

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