A few questions about BatchGeometryFactory

Hello all,

So from what I’ve seen and from what the doc says it takes all of the geometries and turns it into 1, so I’m assuming that it doesn’t matter what the geometries are/how they are formed, once it becomes 1 geometry it’s size shouldn’t change?

i.e., if I made 1000 boxes vs 1000 custom mesh boxes there should be some overhead on the custom meshes or no? If so once it’s batched would there be any?

Also I’m looking to save my scene as a .j3o, but if I batch it, do I save it differently? https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:advanced:save_and_load this shows we need to save each and every piece of data to reconstruct the scene, so would I still use the individual parts and save all of that, or would I just save my root node (the node I batched).

I also noticed that some of my transparent objects for some reason get an added background depending on the angle. Sometimes it would go from my original background color (green) to black. Then I realized after turning batching off that the green background shouldn’t be showing either… This only happens with 1 part of my scene, and it’s a part that isn’t in it’s “proper place” so it might work out when it’s all said and done, but still it’s annoying to see that… I could leave the transparent objects alone, but that might slow my scene down a bit where I don’t need it… Any idea why this happens?

Thanks all.