A few questions on models and animation

How do you animate models in JME ? Premade animations in 3ds max or do you have to animate each part i.e arm  for movement. If so  can anyone say how you name parts of a object in 3ds Max I read the Flagrush tutorial where he loaded the model, he said that he knew the parts of the objects name i.e  axle, wheel, tyre.  Or do you have to have many objects sat body left arm right arm  then animate each one  and attach them all to a node. I also read about bones  is that attaching many objects together  or should I be asking this partly in the 3ds Max forums. Can someone please explain how they would get a person to walk or the 3ds Max I should be looking at.

(Sorry I kinda waffled on a bit )

Hi, i can tell you what we are doing.

my team models and animates in MilkShape, they create joints and then a skeletal animation.

I use MilkToJME importer to load the models,

it loads the model with its joints and skeletal animation by default.

then you create a JointController and attach it to the Controller of the created Node(TriMesh).

then you can control the frames with setTimes(startTime, endTime), and such(if for example you know that frames 1 to 30 is a walking animation, 31-60 is attacking etc.)

there is another class, KeyFrameController, but i havn't tried it.

i hope this info helps you.

For 3dsMax the best option is to use Ogre3D models.

This site has a well supported exporter for 3dsMax: http://www.ogremax.com/

There's an Ogre3D model loading example in the jME test class jmetest.ogrexml.TestMeshLoading.

thanks both of you ill look into this