A Gearbox


I now want to include a gearbox into my car. I did everything needed: lower gears mean more AvailableAcceleration, higher gears mean more DesiredVelocity (is it it right till here to implement a gearbox or should I use use other things that change my asis speed?)

Now I have the problem that if I switch a gear up staying on the throttle key, the car does not accelerate any more (although it gets more DesiredVelocity) and also if I switch a gear down from a higher one the car doen't get slower.

ANd then if I accelerated in first gear to maximum and switch to a higher gear and release the throttle button and press it immediately after that again, the car gets as slow as I would start from a velocity of 0 - why does it not use the speed it already has got???

Try reading angular velocity before changing avail. acceleration and apply it after setting desired velocity. (I did not test such things with ode yet, maybe anyone that already made car simulation can really help you)

What do you mean with reading angular velocity? On my jme-physcs 2 beta 1 there is no axis.getAngularVelocity() or something like that - and even if there would be such a function, I would not know how to use it (your answer was really short  :’().

Could you or anyone else please explain it?? Thanks.