A good place to find indie 3d artist?

Does anyone here know of an exchange or website where you can find 3d artist who are looking to work on indie games ?


Sometimes freelancer sites like Guru.com or Staff.com can help you find them

Polycount is pretty sweet. Never personaly found anyone really professional but hey, free work is free work x)

We at Kendanware used IndieDB, Facebook group “Game Development”, forums.tigsource.com and Twitter with Looking for talented #3DArtist for our #game Skylimit Tycoon http://hub.kendanware.com/t/talented-3d-artist-for-skylimit-tycoon/38 … #gamedev #jobs #indiedev #lowpoly

We received 10+ offers within 24h and found what we was looking for, but we do however pay per hour. It might not be that expensive if you specify what you need, just be detailed when you order and ask what they want for the job. Low rate per hour isn’t always the cheapest… Remember that most games only need low poly models.

Thanks everyone , I’ll check those out.