A good program for creating terrains?

Hi guys! I need a program that allows me to create terrains in a more sophisticated way that the jME’s SDK, and allows me to export it as an heightmap. Since I’m getting some problems using the terrain editor, an external tool would be helpful for me.

If I can already use Blender for that, then how?



I have no idea how to use Photoshop ;). Also it’s paid.

I’m looking more for a tool that lets me build a terrain just like the SDK, but with more features.


Found this one: http://www.lilchips.com/. I’ll give it a try. Thnaks @normen

…EarthSculptor is very flexible and easy to use tool…you can export terrain textures individually, including heightmaps, but also, you can export your terrain as a OBJ file and get it in to JME like that too…very nice tool…



Gotta check that one too. Thanks @Ecco

Nice. Little problem: only 4k by 4k height maps. Would be better if it could calculate neighboring terrain tiles too. Guess one could write a tool that copies the border pixels to a new texture - and then load that into the terrain editor. But for small terrains (like small islands) this tool should still get the job done. Maybe it even has that feature somehow - have to try it.

…there is option for plug in writing…i haven’t try it myself, so maybe that can address some shortcomings…but its interesting as you can have all maps needed, including lightmaps and export individual or combined…i guess its worth a try…

You can also use these web sites to generate height map of cities or any areas on the earth .




Have you heard of L3DT? It works fine for me.

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