A GUI is now available for the model converters

Hello everybody,

i’ve just finished a GUI for the model converters in JME (using swing)

you can select an output dir, a list of files, and then a click will convert all your model in .jme.

the GUI use the extension of your files to call the correct converter.

you can download it here :


the main class of the jar is : jmetool.modelconverter.JmeFormatConverter.class

please give me some feedback,

i hope it will be useful for you… well it’s useful for me anyway :wink:

many thanks to Cep21 for the help on how to use the jme converters.



Very nice, I’d like to put a link in the apps and utilities page if that’s alright.

Of course Mojo no problem, :slight_smile:

I’m happy that you like it :slight_smile:

I cant run it:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/netbeans/lib/awtextra/AbsoluteLayout
   at jmetool.modelconverter.JmeFormatConverter.initComponents(JmeFormatConverter.java:140)
   at jmetool.modelconverter.JmeFormatConverter.<init>(JmeFormatConverter.java:56)
   at com.volatile7.xvii.util.Convertor.main(Convertor.java:43)

It seems that you are relying on the person to use netbeans. It would be nice not have this dependancy as I use eclipse.

But from the screenshot, it looked very nice.

If you sort out that netbeans dependancy, do you mind if I use it for my own little project? Cause I need to convert alot of 3ds files to .jme real easy.

Thx, DP

Hush :// I’ve forgot to switch back to GridBagLayout before making the jar. ://

In fact the netbeans absolute layout is very convenient to design form and when it’s done you must switch to classic GridBagLayout to remove dependancies…

I will correct this very soon,

Of course you can use it DP, i hope it will be useful :slight_smile:



Ok the new version of Swing JME Format Converter is out. There’s no more dependancies with NetBeans and i’ve found a bug so i’ve correct it :slight_smile: .

My Webhosting has some problem for the moment

so perhaps it will not be available online all the time .



I ran it, looks nice.

A very nice feature and very useful to me is the ability to be able to convert an entire directory full of random models (by random, i mean not just 1 format, the direcotry can have several formats) into .jme.