A little confused about updated terrain editor

Hello there ,

Is there a way to know what is working and what is not ? For example i just made an update today and saw that it was not possible to select a texture , either i saw icons for smoothing i don’t know if it’s possible.

About SkyBox , we can’t browse anything to add textures on them. Did i missed something or does the developpers never communicate about the feature that are working and that are not ? ( in the documentation i found nothing :s )

Thanks in advance and thank you to make this terrain editor it’s very useful !

When its done there will be proper documentation, as long as theres no documentation you’ll have to find out about the usage yourself, its not that hard really… Textures you can select always are those in your assets folder, just copy new textures there to use them. Its possible to select a texture by clicking on the area where the texture is displayed. Skybox editor works flawlessly (also for other users).