A method the cleanly merge separate ogre mesh object to single skeleton and node

just started working with models in jme3 and I found my self with some issues

  1. in jme2 I used the md5 format to get models out of blender, for that format if your model had multiple components they were exported to the same mesh file and treated as a node with children, once they were parented to the same rig, the ogre exporter and suppose the format itself doesn’t seem to support that, tried exporting my henchman character (head mesh-object with it own map and same for the body) and simple meshes named similar to the bones they were parented to my plan was to cull those and use them for (collisioninsect feedback only) on body parts(if there exist better solution please tell).

    what I found is that not only does the exporter ignore object level names it dump each individual mesh into its own file and apparently also writes a skeleton file for each …can a toolmethod be made to compile component models easily back into a single node with one skeleton with the naming intact (if this already exist please indicate where to find). Md5 importer for jme2 had a method called attachDependant, allowing you to for example export a model head and several suits of armor for instance and would discard the unneeded skeletons … obviously the skeletons and scales had to match
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Theres the .scene format for combining the objects. The fact that the object structure is different is because of the necessity of each material being a Geometry object in jME. The skeleton is not doubled in jME.

ok cool thanks

You need to combine all your meshes into one object. I think its “Ctrl + J” hotkey in Blender3D, or find the “Join Objects …” option

Then you can export all your objects as one OgreXML model

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Momoko_Fan said:
You need to combine all your meshes into one object. I think its "Ctrl + J" hotkey in Blender3D, or find the "Join Objects .." option
Then you can export all your objects as one OgreXML model

if I do that I loose the naming and multi-map export, IDK but I couldn't get the ogre exporter to recognize multiple mesh names in a single object..........I dont think blender supports that and the exporter definitely didn't see 2 distinct meshes and maps in a single object when tested, it did grab the meshes from multiple object as stated above................so for my purposes the .scene idea might be better ......unless you have a reason why not?

What exactly are you doing this for? What do you mean by multi-map?

For character models, joining the objects is generally not an issue.

ok making more sense of this now, the head material was set to orco rather than uv , that why it wasn’t exporting that properly, still though the naming gets lost and instead you get the name of the “first” mesh appended my a number …tested in jmp but could not seem to find a way to rename meshes, does that exist? or do have to do the recursive method thing in code …

I still think that I am better of generating .scene files for the character, so that at least the collision geoms I plan on exporting can be easily distinguished …again if there is an easier/better way to do hit zone detection please tell.

as an aside are there docs tuts for handling .scene files especially in jmp…I want to ensure that if I go this route I minimize the problems

Only thing you should be aware of is the material file should have the same name as the scene, otherwise its like converting a single ogrexml file.

thanks man much appreciated

one more thing but kinda off-topic any body knows if there exist a script to clean up or normalize vertex weights “got the more than four vertex assign to bone” message and its messing up the character a bit…dont mind doing that by hand but the tedium 8O

Dynamically adding skinned meshes to a skeleton is on my to-do list :slight_smile:

It should help you with your issue

Also its possible to have submesh names instead of numbers, but not with models exported from blender