A personal note on my absence as of late

Hi monkeys,

Roughly since the non-conclusion of the Blendswap Contest, I’ve been growing ever more absent from the jME community. The reason, simply put, is exhaustion, caused by a variety of factors, chiefly involving work. I used to love having my own little parts of the jMonkeyEngine project. Being responsible for my share. For the past few months however, this responsibility became more of a burden than a source of joy due to aforementioned MysteryFactors, thus spiralling me into seclusion (that is, as far as the jME community is concerned. Otherwise I’ve been quite OK really).

The good news is that I’m starting to find my way back, one tiny TODO at a time. The bad news is, well, I already made the mistake of going AWOL, leaving a whole lot of people undeservedly in the dark, and there’s no excuse for that.

I apologise to the participants of Blendswap Arcade. You made some fantastic games (I did in fact play just about all of them) and my poorly timed absence was a grave disrespect of your efforts. I sincerely hope others will carry on the contest-torch, because this community really knows how to make games.

I apologise to our SoC students for not being the active admin I had set out to be. Although you may not feel deeply affected by my negligence, I wanted to set a higher standard for your first SoC participation, especially for our amazing jME SoC students who marched steadily onwards without a dedicated mentor to cheer them on.

I apologise to the core team and contributors, who received scarcely any more news about my status than the rest of the community. As people I consider both my friends and coworkers, you deserve better.

At the time of writing, I’m residing in a refugee camp, doing volunteer work. The good thing about this is that it effectively forces me to only take on bite-sized jME tasks, due the limited time and internet access. I’m motivated to do more, but I simply can’t, which forces me to pace myself. I also share this status-update because I’m gonna be spending the next few months rebuilding some trust with the team and community, and it’s important to me that the people I’m interacting with know that if I go unresponsive again for a few days it’s not another AWOL stint, but quite simply because I have no internet (and possibly electricity). Give it another day or two, then ping me again for good measure.

I really do look forward to interacting with the lot of you again, one bit at a time.


Welcome back. You were missed.

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Great to have you back! =D

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome back Erlend! :wink:


Glad to have you back!

Welcome back!

Yeeeeepeeeeaaaaah - a huge welcome back to you - there sure was a big void but it is good to know that it is going to be fillep up again - just take it easy - best!

Welcome back man. Always enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other; it’s too easy doing it all by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome back !

Welcome back! (I wasn’t very active myself recently so I won’t say a word) :smiley: