A question about Boxes

Seems like OgreMax and 3DS doesn’t work like that then. Thanks anyway guys, especially you zarch because I didn’t know that ‘automatic smoothing’ existed :slight_smile:

@memonick sorry my bad, was trying to quote zarch.

read about index buffer … as i said a page before. it will become all clear then

thats how verices are shared. if a model programm uses this depends however

@Empire Phoenix, I will read that tomorrow. However, if 3DS doesn’t do it, I don’t have the time to do it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

It does, if you understand why and how. (actuall you do that in 3dsmax yourself if you model objects the right way)

@Empire Phoenix, From where can I read about index buffer? Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had shared vertices from my own model. Even if I create a cylinder, sphere or box, they are never shared.

@memonick said:
From where can I read about index buffer?


That's one place that at least covers the concept.

I remember doing that tutorial, but again, since all my models had 3X, I didn’t worry about not having this:


| Y | Counter-clockwise

| Y |

0–1 Y1

EDIT: The dashes weren’t showing up, so I changed the to Ys.

Yay! Found the problem :smiley:

To fix this, you must go to Ogre Max > Scene Settings > Mesh and check ‘Remove duplicate vertices’.

Also, after I did this, I saw the difference between using and not using TangentBinormalGenerator. Now it makes much more sense.

Thanks a lot guys!!