A Question about How LWJGL is called


This isn’t about a problem with jME code per se, I just have a question about how LWJGL is loaded by the engine. From what I remember of jME 2, you don’t need to specify anything special with VM arguments, but somehow the correct libraries are loaded and the user doesn’t need to worry about anything on their end.

Is that right? If so, how do you do it? I’m trying to get something similar to work for a 2D engine using LWJGL, and I’m running into walls in figuring out how to do something like that.

In jME2 you also had to add the folders with the native libraries to the classpath via command line parameters. In jME3 they are extracted automatically to the correct folder. For WebStart applications you can specify native libraries in the jnlp.

Ah. So it’s almost like an install package?

That’s the only way I had thought of doing it, so I guess I’ll try that.