A question about sun-shading effect

Hello everyone:

When I Running jme3test.scene.TestSceneLoading app today,I found that it had a sun-shading effect. see Figure 1 below,notice the circle I drawed under the "box".

Figure 1

I read the model of this example and other relevant code carefully , I saw the com.jme3.scene.plugins.ogre.MaterialLoader class , and I found there was a statement : mat.setBoolean("m_UseVertexColor", true); . I guessed the sun-shading effect result from this setter. so I deleted this statement and ran the TestSceneLoading app again. Then I got Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

But When I used my model Made by 3DMAX and OgreMax , and added the statement like mat.setBoolean("m_UseVertexColor", true).I wanted to get the effect like Figure 1,but I was failed . see Figure 3 below .

Figure 3

My question is :
Is my way wrong ? and how should I do ? or need some other special handling when making model ?
thanks very much!

That particular scene actually has ambient lighting baked into the vertex color. There might be an option/plugin in 3DSmax to do the same.