A question regarding level design

I have a question regarding design of levels, and how to program when a player crosses through a set of points. I am working on a game where the core single-player gameplay is relatively linear, and the thing I would like to know is how to have the game engine spawn enemies when the player passes through a line of points. Thanks in advance for any answers that this post may make. -DanqueDynasty

Well first be aware that jme is mostly a graphic a physic and a network engine, so unlike UDK or SOurce there is not only one solution to do this.

You are responsible yourself to determine wich one best fits your requirements.

Ideas that could be used

→ Do a physic ghost object, that resonds to objects touching it → similar to Source’s way of doing things

→ Do a track that is following the linearity of your level, update every second at wich fraction the player is and spawn monsters if he passes certain values.

→ simply do a check in the update if the player is near a certain point with a distance calculation

→ use cheap trigger like objects (Doom3) eg, opening a door spawns monsters in the next room.