A separate class

Hi all

im a newbie and i have a simple stupid question :slight_smile:

I want to create a separate to create instances from an object in my jmonkeyplatform .

for instance i want to have a class called enemy which loads an extenrnal obj object and specifies attributes such as material and

phisic bounding box blo blo.

and in my main class i want to have :

enemy neEnemy = new enemy ();

i know how to load models in main class but i want to orgnize them in seperate classes, would be grateful if u help me,


Just create a new class file in the correct classpath folder. But the question indicates that you should read up on java classes and objects ASAP.

thanks norman, ur right but i have tried im stuck :slight_smile:

basically i want to make a seperate class for my object initiation i dont want have a big :


public void simpleInitApp() {

u know what i mean, so could you help me out with this, thanks

I just said it, did you even try anything?? Create a new class file (right-click source folder, press new…) and then write the methods into it, then you can instantiate a new object from that class. If that is too much for you to understand please :google: or go through a java tutorial, I really cant teach you java or object oriented programming here.