A small filename error in wiki


I’m new to jMonkey, so started out by going through the tutorial section.
There seems to be an misspell in the jME3-testdata.jar name on page https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:beginner:hello_asset

it’s named “jme3-test-data.jar” - had to spend some time to figure out where it is and how it’s named - it would be nice to fix this naming (possibly it got changed in one of the releases, I have downloaded the new one today, and run into this issue).
A path to look for this file would be nice info too - of cause you can find it after some searching ([java][…]\jmonkeyplatform\jmonkeyplatform\libs\jME3-testdata.jar[/java]), but having the path would be more newbie-friendly (at least imo) :wink:

If it’s a wrong forum section, or a repost - sorry.

Ps. Adding it via “addLibrary” in jMonkeyEngine SDK works just fine.

Thats not the location of the file, at least not after an update. You can add the libraries to your projects via the Project settings → Libraries. The wiki has an ‘edit’ button on each paragraph.

Ok, my bad - thought there were some limitations to who can edit this.
Changed the filename to jME3-testdata.jar