A small movie of what I made


A few months ago I made my own school assignment. Part of it was to make a nice techdemo of the JmonkeyEngine. Few weeks ago I found time to make a movie about it. You can download it from and thought… maybe it would be a nice addition for the Showcase? It's maybe not too impressive but the learning experience was incredible! I think I did this in about 2 weeks or so.

A small sidenote, I did everything with JME. No 3d modelling program. You can imagine calculating the location of those quads was a pain  :lol:


Enjoy watching it as much as I did creating it!

:slight_smile: thats nice…

nice, but why didn't you use cubes instead of quads?  :wink:

For some reason my textures got messed up all the time.

There was some way to "tile" them correctly, but I didnt get that to work propperly. 

Cool. Congratulations.

BTW, that skybox textures are so familiar  :D.