A suggestion for the Blender developers: "game schema" and "game compliance mode"

I just opened this thread on the Blender forum:


Feel free to join the discussion there.

They are too busy with movies. Blender becomes more for video FX production. I’m not sure they will hear you. :slight_smile:

Also they have their own game engine that supports everything…

Also the “game friendly features” depend on the exporting format and the engine toward you export…

Not sure you’ll have constructive answers to this post.

Idk, just being able to tailor blender in a bit more “modular” fashion would be nice. I guess many users from all angles know how many of blenders functions they don’t use. Maybe this can spark some discussion about that.

I’m not getting my hopes up, but I figured it was worth a shot seeing as:

  • They did do a game project called Yo Frankie! once. Maybe they will again. (the game is powered by Crystal Space)
  • BlenderCookie, widely respected Blender affiliate, made an iOS game called Eat Sheep with Unity 3D.
  • The fact that they develop a game engine of their own speaks to their commitment to games.
  • Several other developers and projects (e.g. OGRE) could benefit from this.

    Btw @Kaelthas if you would like to share some insights (ideally in the Blender thread, but here would be fine too) on the obstacles you’ve encountered with making .blend files game friendly as a whole, that’d be great.