A texcoord Editor : How can we convert a Texture =>AWT Image and vice versa...?

It’s quite a day, mess around with Buffer and go crazyyy. So I really want to ask you guy :

  1. How can we convert a Texture =>AWT Image and vice versa…?

    I have read some where in the forum the method but it seems out of date.

    It looks like there is a Util in Core to do it, but can you plz tell me how it work??

    I’m working on a texture Editor like this and want to get the

    Texture Image from Material => AWT and paint it by Graphics …

  2. About the texture Editor , when the patchs of polygon is separated, how can we know?

    I use the IndexBuffer to indicate the link of 3 vertex’s texcoord in a triangle… But i cant determine when the patchs are separated (a vertex is in two (or three) position like this) .

    Any advice?

Theres a tool for that jme3tools.converters.ImageToAwt


  1. It’s work like a charm , thank a lot ! :smiley: I’m going to finish a bunch of Extra tools for JMP! o_O
  2. Can you give me some advices about how to determine the separated patch ??
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Oh, I figured it out :smiley: Now adding some liquify tools

Cool, looking forward to that :wink: