About bounding volume

Hello everybody

I’ve made an intersection test beetwen object and it works fine. But i have seen that when the object was removed (with node.detachChild(Object o)) i can always see his bounding sphere when i activate drawBounds. is this normal ? how can i remove completely the object (model + bounding volume ?)

Another little question : when you read a .jme file with jmeBinaryReader is it possible to specify to use boundingBox instead of boundingSphere ?

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It’s something like setProperty(“bounds”,“sphere”); Look at the javadoc of that function for the exact usage.

i look at javadoc and use : jbr.setProperty(“bound”, “box”);

it works fine drawbounds show me now a box. but :


does not work anymore :(, (it always return false)

i’ve just change the setProperty of the reader, what am i doing wrong ?


Currently, mixed intersections do not work (never did). It’s on the todo list. Intersections will only work for box vs box, sphere vs sphere, etc

ha i see,

thanks for the answer Mojo :slight_smile:

i will use only box then :slight_smile: