About Coordinate

I use the Monklypse project to write a program to

visualize the Algorithm in the Eclipse View.

But I don't know how to set the Coordinate

Because Every time I run  the program my algo's dot may far from the center

Then My total graph will also far from the center

How should I do? Is there any function i JME can help me solve it??


Well,…good question! You want to set a dot? Actually I would do it like creating a small sphere and

set it via sphere.setLocalTranslation(x,y,z) to the right spot. Or what exactly is the problem. I see

you say your dot's are far away from the center. what center? how do you set your dot's?

And of course I never use monklypse… :smiley:

hey there, seems your objects start at 0, 0, 0 and into the positive directions. to center it all just add a bounding volume to the rootNode, update it and then translate the rootnode by half the x, y and zExtent of the BoundingVolume (e.g. BoundingBox)