About jME versions

Hi everybody I have a simple question. I've downloaded both the jME jar files from GoogleCode and jME from CVS repository. Actualy I'm using the CVS's one. Anyway dealing with texture I've found out that in the package "com.jme.image" the class Texture doesn't have the enumerators which I have to use for set magnification and minification filter (Texture.MinificationFilter , Texture.MagnificationFilter) in the method "TextureManager.loadTexture". By the way there are other small difference between the two version (for example using the jar dowloaded from googleCode I have to press F4 to show the frame rate).

Anyway my question is: what is the "right" version?? Which I have to use? 

Once more, sorry for my English!

CVS = jME1 (old, no enums)

Google code SVN =  jME2 (new, with enums)