About jME

Hello to everyone,

I want to ask you to help me. Tomorrow I have to deliver a brief presentation of jME. Yesterday I received this task from my manager, so the matter is burning.

I got the following guidelines:

  1. jMonkey delivery options
  2. a general description of JMonkey packages - API design;
  3. something simple to show (for example, how to run http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php/tutorial_1_-_learning_jme_2)

    Many of you maybe just laugh and will tell me to read the forum, but the problem is that there is really a lot of information to me over such a short time to select the best and understand a very complex and there is no time. PLEASE could someone there who can help? maybe you can just say there i can find needful info.

    I'll be extremely grateful for any suggestion :slight_smile:

The wiki contains a nice overview of jme and its functions.


also you could follow the video tutorial to set up jme in eclipse, so you can run the demos:


i cant find information about API design (structure or scheme).

That would be the javadocs, see the link in the menu above :wink: