About NC toolset

Hello all.

I just see this tool's demo.

Discuss here about this toolset.

What would you like to discuss?

Well, I would like to know if I can get that tool. Probably not, so I also want to know if there exists any editor comparable to the one made by NCSoft?

Editing and creating maps with a tool like that seems to be very nice, very relaxed - just a creative piece of work without much coding and stuff. I like tools like that.

Check out/search for Monkey World 3D. I know there are a few others out there people have been wokring on as well.

Is toolset using splatting ?

can you reply how to add the green ring to terrain when using splatting.

Have try with ProjectedTextureUtil on TestIsland which dont work. Should the ring be a spatial or can you use ProjectedTextureUtil  on splat node please

I believe there is a testTerrainSplatting that should do just what you need.

The green ring is drawn with Line objects.

I am working on an editor for Radakan (WIP). The code is under GPL and can be downloaded through SVN on sourceforge.

EarthSculptor is a really neat tool you can make heightmaps and corresponding light, color, and detailmaps with.  It's what I use for heightmap editing.  There's a free version that limits your area to 257x257 and still lets you do everything else.  You'll find it if you google it.

NCSoft has games with different engines and toolsets, but none of them are open to the public.

earth sculptor was good but crashy the time I tried it l3dt is much more feature rich IMO and the differences between its free and commercial versions are negligable