About Nifty

is anyone aware if niftyGUI supports gifs. If so can someone direct me to where i can learn to use it

Also is their a niftyGUI library i might be able to download to see the classes i see in the jar file?

You can get the source and docs for nifty from their homepage, see the “nifty links” menu option. On the sourceforge homepage are infos on how to download the current svn versions.

Personally, I like to use JD-GUI to decompile sources in jars, sometimes its easier and faster than downloading the source.

Thnx for the reply normen JD-GUI is great easier than JAD & DJ.

I was informed that gif support is based soley on the engine, so if the engine supports gifs NiftyGUI will render them. Is their an existing impl for gifs in jME3?

What renderer is this running in? jME3-nifty? In that case, DDS and PNG should be supported. I think there's a bug somewhere else. Do any of the regular tests work? Did you actually include the relevant files in the classpath?

After updating that would be only the line below correct. It is the LWJGL renderer. The test in the repo seems to work fine, and even loads all of the images in the second xml without the method used below.



ahh okay i've got it kinda. Every Element needs its own layer even if related directly and background color of that layer cannot be set or else the layers underneath will be blocked kind of like changing an alpha layer to a solid color

You're registering a locator for "GUIExample/", and then you try to load the image "GUIExample/ww.png", so what it actually tries to load is
it's obviously not correct. So you don't have to register a locator to that path unless you're using relative paths.